F rom a family run business to an esteemed corporation, K. A Enterprises (Pvt) Ltd is one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of greige fabric in Pakistan. We believe in perfection of experience and high quality products. We start of the process by personally procuring the best man-made fibers from suppliers based in India, Indonesia and China, with whom we have a long and boisterous relationship for the past decades. Equipped with state of the art manufacturing equipment, our manufacturing units ensure high quality products and timely delivery of the consignment. Our directors personally monitor minute-to-minute production efficiency report which helps us maintain the high product quality at the best prices for our customers.


KA Enterprises Pvt Ltd is the parent company of the group and has diversified its operations in various small business units to bolster its global operations.

Noman Omer & Company, incorporate in 2001, is a sister concern of K. A Enterprises which looks after the trading aspect of the whole group. This SBU is the hub of import for the group and has established its foundation all over the globe while fulfilling all the local requirements in Pakistan. Noman Omer has been a vibrant part of ragzine import in Pakistan and has supplied its products to various home makers locally.


Noman Omer deals in import of the following commodities:

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