Our production unit is located in Faisalabad, Pakistan.

O ur factory comprises of 2 operational units and has a workforce of over 200 workers. We have no under age workers in our production unit. Minimum age being over 18. Workers are divided in 3 shifts. Proper dormitory and health safety facilities are provided. Our operational units are as follows.

Weaving unit
Our weaving unit comprises of 84 Sulzer Shuttleless weaving looms. These looms manufacture all the 3 major sizes which are 110", 130" and 153". With an average production capacity of 500000 meters per month. The machines are divided into 3 sheds with 28 machines in each.

Sock Knitting Unit
This unit comprises of 60 sock knitting machines. The machines are of Lonati and are of fl model 2002/2003. We have an average production capacity of 85000 dozen per month.

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